Video Poker: Classic Devices & Best Examples With Large Payouts

Video poker is a casino game that is a synthesis of classic poker with a slot machine. The game is played on a special slot machine, without the participation of a dealer. A player needs to hit a certain poker hand to get a win. For example, the lowest combination can be a pair of tens (10), and it pays 1 to 1. This game differs from poker by the presence of the Joker, a type of Wild symbol in slot games, which replaces any other card to make the best combination.

Video Poker: Classic Devices For Free Gambling

Currently, free video poker machines offering hundreds of different versions can be found in casinos around the world. The most popular and classic ones for free gambling are the following machines:

  • All American: the game is similar to Jacks or Better in many ways, but the winnings are increased for Flush, Straight, and Straight Flush, and decreased for Full House and Two Pair;
  • Deuces Wild: in this version of video poker slots, all deuces are jokers and can be used in place of any other cards (which have not yet been dealt). It makes it much easier to make a high five-card combination (for example, Four of a Kind appears on average once every 15 hands), but the winnings, as compared to Jacks or Better, naturally decrease;
  • Progressive Jackpot. Usually, slot machines with progressive jackpots are linked to each other. The jackpot amount is accumulated for each hand of each of the players behind all the machines. In this way, after a while, immense jackpots grow, which attracts many players in the hope of getting the desired win. Sometimes the jackpot gets large enough to pay off the video slot game over a long period (although the discrepancies can be very large).

There are applications for playing video poker on the Internet, by downloading which users can play from the mobile or iDevice.

Video Poker Games With The Most Attractive Payouts

The video poker machines that bring the best payouts are:

  • Tens or Better. The cheapest winning combination is two tens, followed by standard combinations;
  • Jacks and Better. The lowest winning combination is considered to be two jacks;
  • Aces and Faces. Among the paid combinations, the lowest are two jacks. Also, there are increased payments for four of the pictures and four of the aces;
  • Wild deuce” – deuces serve as jokers and replace any card;
  • Joker Poker – 4 jokers are added to the standard 56 cards, replacing any card. The lowest-paid combination is considered to be two kings.

Online video poker games from different providers also differs in terms of the jackpot availability: in some slot machines, part of the bets are used to form a progressive win. Its size is displayed on the screen. There is a chance to get such a win when the Royal Flush combination is collected, and the probability of this increases when playing at the maximum bet. Such an opportunity, for example, is present in the game Mega Jacks.

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