Slot Machines: Everything You Should Know About Before Playing

Did you know that over 70% of all casino revenues come from particularly slot machines or that above 80% of casino first-time visitors go straight to a slot machine? The game is so simple to play that anyone can do that without special knowledge or practice unlike in the case of table games. You just drop coins into the machine and pull the handle or push the button. The same goes for online slot machines – you deposit money and click the button. Voila!

Moreover, if you are a new player and find it intimidating to interact with dealers or other players, slot machines turn a perfect variant for you. By the way, the largest and lifestyle-changing jackpots in all casino games are met right in slot machines!

How You Can Play Slot Machines

If you want to learn how to play real casino slot machines, cool it, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Here are some points to look through before launching a game:

  • The most commonly played slots are penny and nickel video games. Reel spinners differ from 2-cent games up to $100 ones!
  • You can find the currency acceptors and the equivalent amount of credits in the meter of every slot machine;
  • If you’ve launched a reel-spinning slot, find the button “play one credit” and push to set the number of coins you want to deposit. Only then hit the “spin reels” and see the result;
  • Nearly in all reel-spinning slot machines, you can find the “play max credits” button. By pushing it, you automatically bet the maximum credits allowed on the slot;
  • If you are playing a video slot, push one button per a payline to activate it. The next button is designed to set how many credits you want to wager per activated line;
  • Video slots have up to 50 paylines and accept up to 25 coins for every line;
  • In all slots, you can come across bonus rounds and scatter pays. If a bonus or scatter symbol falls on paylines in 2, 3, or more, the round is activated.

Tips For Playing Sot Machines More Effectively

Even though slot machines are the easiest among all casino games, there are certain strategies you should learn to boost your chances of a win. Before we turn to the crucial do’s and don’ts slot tips, here are the most popular slot machines in no particular order you will enjoy playing for sure:

  1. Starburst;
  2. Fairytale: Red Riding Hood;
  3. King Kong Fury;
  4. Age of the Gods;
  5. Deal or No Deal;
  6. Beach Life;
  7. Circus of Cash;
  8. Thunderstruck II;
  9. A Night Out;
  10. Desert Treasure.

The Do’s

Whether you are playing slots to get the maximum payouts possible or you are just trying your luck in free slot machines, the following do’s will help you run the game to your favor:

  • the higher the slot denomination – the higher the payback percentage;
  • you have to bet enough to become eligible for jackpots;
  • pick up those slots that best fit your playing personality and goals;
  • play within the budget you have;
  • to win big, start small;
  • play slot machines at the row end;
  • pick up games with jackpot symbols on the screen.


Cheating on licensed casinos is dangerous and can be fraught with stiff prison terms. On the other hand, there are mistakes that only inexperienced players make. Those are not dangerous, yet drastically decrease the chances of a win. So, here’s what you’d better avoid when playing a casino slot machine:

  • playing the same slot type;
  • reading the game help file (doesn’t refer to bonus features and prizes);
  • neglecting the terms and conditions;
  • poor money management;
  • playing too much.

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