How to play Roulette – which strategy to choose to win all the time

How to play Roulette, what type of the game is to be chosen, what winning strategies exist, how to use them – these are the main questions, which every beginner puts before starting to play this amazing hazardous game. There are 3 main types of Roulette: European, French and American. And if two first types are practically the same, American variant is a bit different from them. But, generally, if a player has learned the basics of European Roulette, there will not be an issue to change the table and to play American variant, without any big time expenditures.

How to play Roulette and what are the best winning strategies

It can sound a bit strange that a game, where the gaming process is based on the chance outcome, has different betting strategies. There are many players, who treat Roulette as just an entertainment, that’s why they usually make bets, taking a chance on. But below mentioned variants of the game’s plans can become a very useful guide book for all players to understand how to play Roulette at casino.

  • Martingale. This is the most popular strategy that helps in understanding how to play Roulette and to win as more often as possible. The main essence is to double a bet after every losing round. It’s necessary to play only on simple bets (red/black, even/odd).
  • Paroli. This strategy is also known as a reverse Martingale plan. A player should double every winning round, till the loss, after what the cycle starts from the beginning.
  • Fibonacci. Fibonacci numbers’ system is organized when every number is an addition of 2 previous ones. Its extraction is the following: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34… The essence is to go to the following number after every loss, and to go back on 2 numbers after every win.

These are the most frequently used strategies, but professionals still invent their personal plans of the game, and all of them can be easily found floating around the Internet.

How to play Roulette of European and American types

The most popular variants of Roulette are definitely European and American ones. General rules are practically the same, but there are some specific options and features, which make both types peculiar ones. All main aspects are listed further.

  • If the European type includes one field “0”, the American analogue has also “00” pocket that makes casinos’ chances to win bigger (2.7 % against 5.3 %).
  • The layout and pockets’ order are different a bit.
  • There are some specific bets, available only in American (“Surrender”, when equal odds reduce house edge to 2.63 %) or European (“En Prison”, when a Dealer puts special markers on all equal odds bets, making players leave the same bets for the next turn, and if the bet wins, a player just receives a bet back) Roulette.
  • The chips in the American Roulette are of different colors, while the European variant uses standard chips.

The mentioned differences are the main ones, but, in any case, even them will not cause any issues, while players change one type of Roulette to another.

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